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You will need a SingPass to use this service. If you don’t have a SingPass, you can register for one.


If you are not the owner of the SingPass, you are not allowed to log in to the new eService to perform Work Permit transactions.

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If you are a registered WP Online user, you will be able to access the new service automatically.

Otherwise, sign up for a WP Online account to access our eService.

What transactions can I do in this service?Show

You can use this service to:

  • Apply for a Work Permit
  • Ask for a Work Permit to be issued
  • Reprint the 6-monthly medical examination (6ME) notification letter and check your helper’s 6ME status.
  • Renew a Work Permit
  • Get a short extension for a Work Permit
  • Cancel a Work Permit
  • Reinstate a Work Permit

What payment methods can I use?Show

You can pay using Visa, Master Card and direct debit.

Last Updated: 24 March 2017