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Work Permit (Foreign Domestic Worker) - Inform MOM

Update of Details

Employer of a Foreign Domestic Worker should update us in the circumstances listed below:

Change of residential address

An employer must notify MOM within 14 days when there is a change in the residential address.

For Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident:
Please update your residential address at:

  • Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Building, Level 3; or
  • Any Neighbourhood Police Post or Neighbourhood Police Centre

MOM will issue an acknowledgement letter once we received the data. It may take up to two weeks. Please make sure that you keep the letter until your worker's Work Permit is renewed.

For Existing Work Pass, Dependant's Pass and Long Term Pass Holder:
Please update your residential address using EP Online (SingPass is required).

The pass holder or company representative is required to log in to EP Online. Click on "Change Particulars > Personal Contact Details and Residential Address of Pass Holder" on the left function bar to update the residential address. Acknowledgment is immediate. The acknowledgment letter must be printed and kept with the Work Pass card. The new residential address will also be updated as the new place of work for the Foreign Domestic Worker.

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Change of travel documents (including renewal)

If a Foreign Domestic Worker has renewed or changed the travel document or passport, the employer must inform our Work Pass Division of the new travel document or passport details using:

  • WP Online; or
  • iSubmit web portal. Please select option 4: Amendment Requests (Including Foreign Domestic Workers) and Supporting Documents for WP Applications (Excluding Foreign Domestic Workers) on the web portal and attach electronic/scanned copy of your letter of request together with a copy of the new travel documents.

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Feedback on Foreign Domestic Worker

To feedback on your worker’s conduct, character, work attitude or performance, you may send us your feedback with the following information:

  1. FDW’s Name and Work Permit number/FIN
  2. Employer’s Name and Employer’s NRIC number/FIN
  3. Employer’s contact number and/or Email address

Please indicate "Feedback on FDW’s Conduct" as the subject.

MOM will:
  • Inform prospective employer/authorised employment agency that there is a feedback given on the worker; and
  • Release contact details of previous/current employer who has given the feedback to the prospective employer/ employment agency. They can contact the previous/current employer directly if they wish to find out more.


The prospective employer’s application for the worker will be processed eventually if he decides to employ the worker in spite of the feedback.

Note: MOM will only be able to place a FDW on an employment ban if she is charged and found guilty of an offence under the Singapore laws.


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Pregnant Foreign Domestic Worker

If the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is pregnant, you must notify MOM’s Work Pass Division through iSubmit web portal or email to with the following information:

  • Name of FDW
  • Work Permit number
  • Doctor’s letter/memo confirming the pregnancy and her expected delivery date
  • Citizenship of the FDW’s spouse (if applicable)

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Missing Foreign Domestic Worker

If the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) is missing, the employer is required to file a missing person police report and cancel the Work Permit within seven days of his/her knowledge that the worker is missing to cease the levy liability.

Valid Work Permit at Time of Cancellation

If the missing FDW’s Work Permit has not expired at the time of cancellation, the employer will be given a grace period of one month from the cancellation date to locate the missing worker. The security deposit will be forfeited if the worker is not repatriated within the one-month grace period.

If the FDW is found before the security bond is forfeited, the employer should arrange for the worker’s repatriation as soon as possible. A Special Pass will be issued by MOM to facilitate the worker's departure and may be applied using WP Online under 'Cancel Work Permit'.

Expired Work Permit at Time of Cancellation

If the missing FDW’s Work Permit has expired at the time of cancellation, the security deposit will be forfeited.

If the worker is found after the forfeiture of security deposit, please proceed to MOM Services Centre with the worker and the following documents:

  • FDW's passport
  • Work Permit card

Address of MOM Services Centre
MOM Services Centre
1500 Bendemeer Road, Hall A
Singapore 339946.

Refund of the Security Deposit

You can submit an application for refund of forfeited security deposit to the Controller of Work Passes for consideration if you have found the FDW or have assisted the Authorities to locate the worker for repatriation. This must be within three months from the date of the Demand Letter to the bank or insurance company for payment of the security deposit.

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Death of Foreign Domestic Worker

An employer must inform MOM within 12 hours of learning of the death of the Foreign Domestic Worker. To report a death, please:

  • Contact the police
  • Email the following information to
    • Foreign Domestic Worker’s name
    • Work Permit number
    • Cause of death (e.g. illness, accident, suicide, murder etc)
    • Date, time and place of death
    • Employer's name and contact numbers
    • Death certificate and cremation certificate for WP cancellation (if the body is cremated in Singapore)
    • Death certificate and a copy of the airway bill for WP cancellation (if the body is to be sent back to home country)

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