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Work Permit (Foreign Domestic Worker) - Renewal

Renewal of Work Permit

Six to eight weeks before the Work Permit (WP) expires, a renewal notice & application form will be mailed to the employer. Alternatively, the employer can also print the renewal notice & application form or duplicates (if you lost/misplaced it) using WP Online. Click 'Check Renewable/Non-renewable List' function in WP Online. 

As for those who are not eligible to renew, information can be found here.

The employer needs to renew the Work Permit using WP Online before the expiry date. If the renewal is made after the permit's expiry date, employers will have to pay penalty for overstaying and defaulting levy.

5 things you should knowwhile renewing your FDW's Work Permit

What if I am unable to renew the Work Permit in time?

You can request for a short extension of the Work Permit if the renewal cannot be submitted in time (e.g. the worker is waiting for a new passport). This can be done online using the 'Special Pass / Short Work Permit Extension' function in WP Online.

The same function can be used if you need the worker to continue to work for a short period beyond the Work Permit expiry date (before she is sent home). However, you must remember to cancel the Work Permit before the worker is sent home. The cancellation request should be submitted using WP Online, on or before the extended date.

Embassy requirements

Certain embassies may impose further conditions/requirements on the employment of their nationals as Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs). For example, some embassies will renew the worker's passport only after the employer and worker have taken up a standard employment contract drafted by the embassy.

Requirements imposed by the embassies are outside the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) purview. Please consult an employment agency or the respective embassies for assistance instead.

Before renewing the Work Permit

Please take note of the following information before renewing the Work Permit:

Note: There are instances where MOM does not grant two years upon renewal of the worker's WP. This happens when the validity of the worker's (a) passport or
(c) Banker's or Insurance Guarantee is less than two years. Click here for more information.

  1. Validity of passport

    A FDW’s passport must be valid for at least seven months from the expiry date of the existing Work Permit.

  2. Work Permit renewal notice and application form

    The Work Permit renewal notice and application form should be completed.

  3. Security bond

    The security bond form for non-Malaysian FDWs must be completed and signed by the legal employer.

    • Print from WP Online; or
      (By accessing ‘Enquire’ > ‘Security Bond Status’ on the side menu function)
    • Download the pdfSecurity Bond Form
  4. Security deposit

    Employers are to furnish a new security deposit or extend the existing security deposit for non-Malaysian FDWs.

    1. A new security deposit of $5,000 in a Banker's or Insurance Guarantee must be submitted to the Controller of Work Passes. It must be valid for 26 months. Alternatively, the existing Banker’s or Insurance Guarantee may be extended.
      • For the extension of the existing Banker's or Insurance Guarantee, the bank or insurance company must transmit to MOM's Work Pass Division using the same Guarantee Number and for the same FDW/existing group of FDWs. A new security bond Form is not required if the existing Banker's or Insurance Guarantee is used.
      • If you wish to use the remaining period of the Banker’s or Insurance Guarantee, the Work Permit will only be renewed up to two months before the Banker's or Insurance Guarantee's expiry date, subject to other employment criteria.
    2. The bank or insurance company must transmit the Banker's or Insurance Guarantee details successfully to the MOM's Work Pass Division before the e-renewal of the Work Permit. The effective date of the Banker's or Insurance Guarantee can be:
      • On or before the day of renewal of the Work Permit; or
      • Post-dated up to one day after the expiry date of the existing Work Permit (For example, if the Work Permit expires on 17 December 2012, the effective date of the Banker's or Insurance Guarantee should be 18 December 2012).
  5. Medical insurance

    A new medical insurance must be provided for the renewal of the Work Permit. Alternatively, the existing medical insurance can be renewed.

    For medical insurance policies taken up or renewed on or after 1 January 2010, the insurance coverage must be at least $15,000 per year for each FDW's inpatient care and day surgery. The medical insurance may be purchased from the bank or insurance company that provides the Banker's or Insurance Guarantee for the security deposit.

  6. Personal accident insurance

    A new personal accident insurance must be provided for the renewal of the Work Permit. Alternatively, the existing personal accident insurance can be renewed.

    The new personal accident insurance can be effective on or before the day of renewal of the Work Permit or post-dated up to a day after the expiry date of the existing Work Permit.

    The bank or insurance company must transmit the details successfully to MOM’s Work Pass Division before the e-renewal of the Work Permit. For domestic workers who are only required to furnish a personal accident insurance (excluding security deposit), the employer or authorised employment agency is required to submit a copy of the insurance to the Work Pass Services Centre.

Validity period and FDW's maximum employment period

The validity period for a Work Permit is generally two years.

However, it will be shorter if:

The Work Permit will be given until:
#The worker's passport expires in less than 2 years one month before the passport expires
#The Banker's or Insurance Guarantee's (BG/IG) validity is less than 26 months two months before the BG/IG expires
The FDW is approaching 60 years old the day the FDW reaches 60 years old
#To get a full two year duration, you must renew or extend the validity of your FDW’s passport and BG/IG before you renew the Work Permit. Embassies may impose requirements on the renewal of passports.

Renewing the Work Permit

Follow these steps to renew the Work Permit:

Step 1: Renew online

Work Permit renewals can be submitted via WP Online. You may also approach an Employment Agency to assist you in renewing the Work Permit.

Submission of renewal requests via WP Online is only available from 8am to 8pm (Monday to Friday), 8am - 2pm (Saturday), excluding public holidays. You can view the outcome of your request immediately after submission.

What you need to get ready before proceeding with renewal of Work Permit?

1. A local delivery address and authorised contact person(s) for us to send an SMS or email alert with the card delivery details to the authorised contact person(s) before we deliver the Work Permit card to the address provided.

2. Clear, correct and completed scanned copies in PDF file format of the following for our verification:

  • Personal particulars page of the foreign domestic worker’s current passport/travel document, including amendment page(s) (if any)
  • Work Permit renewal application form
  • Security bond form
    (this is not the letter of guarantee your insurer or bank gave you)
You may be asked to upload more or fewer documents during online renewal depending on what you have entered and that online submission of documents is only available where fingerprint and face-imaging registration are not required.

Step 2: Payment of fees

The following fees must be paid to complete the renewal request. You can do so using eNETS Credit or Debit.

Fees Work Permit – $30 per renewal

More information

Step 3: Getting the Work Permit card

The new Work Permit card will be delivered within seven working days after successful documents verification. An SMS or email will be sent to the contact person at least a day before the card is delivered.

After receiving the new Work Permit card, the employer or authorised employment agency has to return existing Work Pass card by mailing it to the Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764.

What if the FDW is not eligible for renewal?

An appeal can be submitted if the employer would like to continue employing the worker. Before submitting the appeal, log on the WP Online to see why MOM is unable to allow a renewal.

How to appeal

All appeals should be submitted using iSubmit. Select option 7: Issuance & Renewal Matters and attach electronic/scanned copies of the supporting documents, if any.

Processing time

It will take us at least three weeks to process the appeal, depending on the complexity of the case.

We do expect that you send in your appeal early as priorities will not be given to FDW whose permit is expiring or has expired. You must ensure that the worker has a valid pass to remain in Singapore. If she does not, you will be fined.

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