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Renew a registration for workplace safety and health officer

You should renew your workplace safety and health (WSH) officer certificate at least 60 days before it expires.

At a glance

When to renew

At least 60 days before expiry. You’ll receive an email renewal notice.

Update your contact details to receive the notice on time.
Who can renew Registered WSH officer
How much it costs $60 (inclusive of GST).
Fees are non-refundable, regardless of the status of your application.
How long it takes Up to 4 weeks.
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Submit Safety Development Units (SDUs)


To renew your WSHO certificate, you need:

  • 40 Safety Development Units (SDUs):
    • 20 SDUs must be from structured training.
    • Remaining 20 SDUs can be from either structured or unstructured SDUs.
    • If you submitted more than 40 structured SDUs in previous cycle, you can carry forward a maximum of 10 structured SDUs.
  • A recent colour photo. The photo must:
    • Be taken against plain white background without shadows.
    • Be taken within the last 3 months.
    • Show your full face without headgear.
      Headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable, but must not hide your facial features.
    • Be in JPG format.
    • Be about 150 Kb in file size.
    • Have the dimensions 400 px (width) by 514 px (height).

WSHO sample photo

Structured SDUs

SDU type Submit these documents Maximum SDUs allowed
A1 Copy of certificate of training or course attended. Unlimited
A2 Letter of participation or appointment as a member of a council, board or technical committee in a WSH or professional body, e.g. WSH Council, Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), SCIC.
  • Board or council member: 8 SDUs
  • Relevant technical committees member: 4 SDUs per committee, up to 8 SDUs

Copy of training schedule or certification letter from an accredited training provider.

For writers and editors of WSH publications, copy of your articles.

For owners of WSH patents, copy of the patent certificate.

  • 12 SDUs
  • 5 SDUs for each topic or article written
  • 15 SDUs for each patent
A4 Copy of current WSH-related appointment letter or name card. 10 SDUs

Unstructured SDUs

SDU type Submit these documents Maximum SDUs allowed

Company certification letter stating:

  • Number of contact hours.
  • Details of training and briefings attended or conducted for in-house or external organisation.

Minutes of monthly WSH committee meetings and briefings.

  • 10 SDUs
  • 1 SDU for every 2 hour
B2 Copy of membership certificate from professional bodies, e.g. IRCA, SISO, IES.
  • 16 SDUs
  • 2 SDUs for every organisation
B3 Official documentation or reports for WSH-related activities, e.g. safety inspection, safety management system audits, risk assessment, fire drill.
  • 16 SDUs
  • 1 SDU for every 2 hour
  • Only SDUs approved by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Board with a valid CPD Approval Code will be accepted.
  • Only SDUs obtained in Singapore in the last 2 years will be accepted.

Not all training courses offered by Learning Service Providers (LSP) qualifies for structured SDUs. You can check with the LSPs, or with CPD Board at 6777 5185.

How to check or submit SDUs

You can log in to check your current SDUs or submit new SDUs.

You need to upload:

  • A copy of your training certificates.
  • Documents supporting the SDUs declared.

How to renew

Processing time: Up to 4 weeks. May take longer if more information or documents are required.

  1. Log in to renew.
  2. (Optional) Update your contact details if needed.
  3. Choose Renew Certificate to submit your renewal.
  4. Pay the $60 fee online. Your application will only be processed upon payment.
  5. Receive the outcome by post. You will receive your WSH Officer registration card by post if your renewal is successful.

If your licence has expired

You can still renew your certificate if it has expired for less than one year.

However, if you wish to renew your certificate after more than one year of expiry, you can proceed to renew your licence if you meet the following requirements:

  • Obtained 40 SDUs.
  • Obtained “Risk Management Test for WSHOs” certificate.
    Note: This test is only offered by Singapore Institution of Safety Officers. This is required only for those holding the old SOTC, COSH or WSHOC qualification.
  • Submit a technical write-up on your past 2 years’ practical working experience in WSH field of work, including testimonials from employers.
  • Submit a cover letter on the reason for the lapse in the renewal.