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Empowering workers and members of public to raise WSH issues

Workers and members of public can alert MOM on unsafe workplace practices.

To ensure workplace safety, and as part of the Reporting Saves Lives campaign, employers are encouraged to set up an internal reporting framework to encourage workers to report unsafe practices.

Workers should:

  • Alert supervisors of WSH issues they encounter.
  • Be empowered to stop work if they feel that working conditions are unsafe.

Supervisors should:

  • Remove risky conditions for WSH issues raised, and ensure proper controls are implemented.​
  • Alert company management of resources required such as equipment, materials or protective equipment.​

Members of public can also alert MOM on unsafe workplace conditions or an unsafe act.

Channels to report unsafe practices


Workers, employees and members of public can report to MOM on WSH violation or lapse via SnapSAFE.

Project signboards at construction sitesShow

Members of public and workers who encounter unsafe acts at worksites can scan the QR code found on the project signboard or call the MOM safety hotline at 6438 5122.

FWMOMCare mobile appShow

Migrant workers can use FWMOMCare to raise issues about unsafe workplace conditions.

Unions as a channel for whistleblowingShow

Workers in unionised companies can report unsafe work practices to their trade union as an alternative channel to raise issues relating to WSH.

Under the WSH Act, employers cannot dismiss or threaten to dismiss workers who have reported WSH issues.

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