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Online micro-learning component to Safety Orientation Course Recertification assessment

Equipping workers with up-to-date WSH knowledge and practices.​

From January 2024, workers can access an online micro-learning component to prepare for their Safety Orientation Course Recertification assessment.

The micro-learning component empowers worker to take greater ownership of their own safety by:

  • Equipping them with updated WSH knowledge, and
  • Keeping them up-to-date every 2 years with changes in the industry and WSH best practices.

What topics does it include

The component includes modules based on high-risk work activities, such as work at height, vehicular safety, slips, trips and falls, and machinery safety.

Who does it apply to

This will be made available for workers in the construction sector, and progressively introduced to other sectors.

You may refer to the FAQs on online micro-learning programme for more information.

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