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Cancel a Dependant's Pass for Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass holders

In the event that you no longer need your Dependent’s Pass (DP) for Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass, you must cancel the pass within 1 week of your departure date. 

At a glance

When to cancel the pass

If the DP for Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass holder no longer intends to stay in Singapore, within 1 week before their departure date.

For example, if their departure date is on 10 February, please submit the request from 3 February onwards.

You do not need to cancel the pass if:

  • The dependant becomes a Singapore permanent resident.
  • The main pass holder cancels their pass. This pass will be cancelled automatically and you will not be able to reinstate it.  

Note: Once the pass is cancelled, any related Letter of Consent or Work Permit will also be cancelled.

Who can cancel Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass holder or employment agent (EA) on behalf of pass holder.
How long it takes Within 3 working days of form submission.

How to cancel

Submit the cancellation request using our online form.

If the dependant is still in Singapore, you can request for an STVP to grant them a valid stay for up to 89 days from the date of application.

We will send the STVP to the cancellation requestor by email. Both the main pass holder and the dependant will both receive the STVP by email. The dependant needs to show the STVP and a valid passport to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

Once the pass is cancelled, you must cut the pass card in half and discard it to prevent misuse.