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Mandatory Retrenchment Notifications To Be More Comprehensive In Coverage

  1. From 1 November 2021, employers with at least 10 employees will be required to notify the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of all retrenchments regardless of the number of employees affected. This will allow the tripartite partners and relevant agencies to provide timely support and assistance to workers who are retrenched.
  2. The mandatory retrenchment notification has to be filed by employers within five working days after they provide notice of retrenchment to the affected employee(s).
  3. Currently, these employers are only required to notify the MOM when they retrench five or more employees within a six-month period. The revised notification enables the tripartite partners, Workforce Singapore, NTUC’s e2i as well as other agencies to better reach out to affected local employees to provide employment and job search support.
  4. The updated requirements on mandatory retrenchment notification will be reflected in the Employment (Retrenchment Reporting) (Amendment) Notification 2021. 
  5. Employers should also ensure that they manage any retrenchment exercises responsibly and fairly, in line with the Tripartite Advisory on Managing Excess Manpower and Responsible Retrenchment.
  6. For more information on mandatory retrenchment notifications, please visit