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Ten-Fold Increase in Number of Joint MOM & CPF Board Inspections from November

Enforcement to complement 'WorkRight' outreach initiative to educate workers and employers on employment rights

27 September 2012

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board are stepping up our efforts to bring about compliance with the CPF Act and Employment Act (EA), so that employees, particularly more vulnerable groups like low-wage workers, enjoy their basic employment rights under the law. Areas of focus include payment of CPF contributions, on-time payment of salary, provision of paid annual and medical leave, and adherence to working-hour requirements, amongst others.
  2. We will do this through a two-prong WorkRight initiative covering enforcement and education.

  3. From November 2012, MOM and CPF Board will intensify inspections, with greater attention placed on industries such as food & beverage (F&B), retail, and security and cleaning where non-compliance with the CPF Act and the EA tend to be higher. As announced earlier, the number of enforcement inspections will be increased from around 500 to 5,000 each year – a significant ten-fold increase.

  4. These enhanced enforcement efforts will complement a new "I Know My Employment Rights, I Do It Right." campaign which aims to educate workers on their employment rights under the CPF Act and EA, as well as to educate employers about their legal obligations. The campaign will start on 29 Sep 2012 and leverage channels such as print, TV and radio. The public can also find out more about their employment rights on MOM website.

    Why the 2 "E" approach?
  5. It is important that we educate workers about their employment rights under the two Acts, so that they know what their employers' obligations are. Some workers may not be aware of the significant amounts they stand to lose1 and prefer that their employers do not contribute CPF, so that they themselves need not contribute CPF on their part and can have higher take-home pay.
  6. We also need to educate employers on their responsibilities. Our belief is that most employers and bosses are responsible. This education campaign will help them be more familiar with their obligations under the law, so that they do a better job of looking after the rights and welfare of their workers.
  7. The enhanced enforcement efforts on the part of MOM and CPF Board will serve as a strong deterrent to errant and recalcitrant employers trying to avoid their EA and CPF obligations.
  8. The "I Know My Employment Rights, I Do It Right." outreach campaign (see Annex for details) will tackle non-compliance at its root for employers who are not familiar with their employment obligations as well as educate workers who may not be aware of their employment rights.
  9. To tap on the power of the community and multiply the impact of the WorkRight initiative, the “I Know My Employment Rights, I Do It Right.” advertisements will also promote a hotline (1800-221-9922) which workers and members of the public can call to report EA or CPF Act non-compliance. They can also opt to email The identity of the informant will be kept strictly confidential.

1 In the form of Workfare Income Supplement, Workfare Special Payment, Workfare Special Bonus and top-ups to the CPF Medisave account.