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Scam alert: Spoofed emails on “Declaration of Payment for April 2022 Salaries for all Workers / Migrant workers”

If you get a suspicious email, do not click any links, do not download any files.

We've been alerted to fake emails from a spoofed MOM email address (

These emails appeared to be sent from MOM LRWD NR, with a possible malicious file attachment and password to access its purported content. It claimed that the recipient has to fill in an attached declaration form to indicate if April 2022 salaries have been paid and if there are outstanding salaries from preceding months.

This is a scam. If MOM Labour Relations and Workplaces Division requires you to submit salary information of your workers, you will be asked to provide the information securely via Government websites (FormSG with Corppass login) instead of a file attachment.

Fake email - Declaration of payment for April 2022 salaries for all workers

Do not click on any suspicious links or download any suspicious files. Find out how to transact safely and securely with MOM.

If you received any fake email:

  • Do not respond. Ignore it, delete it.
  • Do not download any attachments.
  • Do not click any links.
  • Report to the police or call the anti-scam helpline 1800 722 6688.

Learn how to identify scams at