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Enhanced Employment Pass Framework

New assessment criteria to take effect from January 2012

In his National Day Rally 2011 speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that MOM will further tighten measures on the middle range of foreign workers, including raising the salary thresholds for Employment Passes and tightening the educational qualifications.

Details on the changes were announced by MOM at a press conference on enhancements to the Employment Pass framework. The key features of the changes are:

  • Q1 Pass: We will tighten the educational qualifications requirements so that only those from good quality institutions will be eligible. We will also move away from the single qualifying salary of $2,800 today. Instead, the applicant will have to earn a salary of at least $3,000, with the requirements depending on his qualifications and experience:
    1. Young graduates from good institutions could qualify if they earn at least $3,000
    2. Older applicants would have to command higher salaries to qualify, commensurate with the work experience and quality they are expected to bring
  • P2 Pass: The qualifying salary will be raised from $4,000 to $4,500.
  • P1 Pass: There will be no change in the qualifying salary for P1 Pass which remains at $8,000.

For more information, please refer to these resources: