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How do I change my GIRO bank account for levy payment?

Log in to change GIRO account using the Update GIRO option in your account summary or under GIRO.

To avoid unsuccessful GIRO deductions, please pay attention to these optional fields.

Payment or transaction limit
If you choose to set a limit, check that your levy bill does not exceed this payment limit. You may wish to set a higher limit above what is required for your monthly payment. This is in case of unforeseen increases such as changes in levy rates or penalty charges incurred.

Billing end date or expiry date
You may wish to leave this field blank. If you indicate an end date but later need to use the GIRO arrangement beyond this date, you cannot amend it. You will need to reapply. There will not be any notification to inform you when the GIRO arrangement ends.

You can check the status of your GIRO application and find out which bank account we will deduct the levy from under GIRO within the same eService.