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Can I conduct in-house training instead of sending my employees for WSQ courses?

Yes, you may conduct in-house training as long you are an Approved Training Organisation (ATO). You may contact SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) for information on how to be an ATO.

For retail and food services sectors, the in-house WSQ training modules should have the prefix “RET” and “FSS” respectively in its Technical Skills & Competencies (TSC) code.

If you have conducted in-house training, you would need to show supporting documentation on the in-house training programme upon request, which should include:

  • Defined training objectives
  • How the training was carried out such as hands-on training, classes held in-person, or classes held virtually
  • Key training tasks
  • Training duration such as number of days
  • Records of specific employees who have completed the training