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Uplifting our lower-wage workers

Support measures for our lower-wage workers, through Progressive Wages, Workfare, Workcare and Workright.

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As a fair and inclusive society, we must accord our lower-wage workers with dignity and respect, as well as provide them with pathways to progress. This requires a whole-of-society effort, with support from the government, employers, unions, service buyers, and fellow Singaporeans.

Through the Tripartite Workgroup on Lower-Wage Workers, we are working closely with our Tripartite Partners to enhance the well-being of our lower-wage workers, and strengthen public appreciation for their work. We are also mobilising the community through the Alliance for Action for Lower-Wage Workers, to develop ground-up initiatives on uplifting our lower-wage workers.

Find out more about our various support measures, as summarised by the 4Ws:

Working together for progress

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Progressive Wages

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The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) helps to increase wages of lower-wage workers through upgrading skills and improving productivity. It has been implemented in the cleaning, security, and landscape sectors. We are working with Tripartite Partners to expand PWM to more sectors in the coming years.


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Workfare is a broad-based measure comprising the following:

  • Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) Scheme
    • Introduced in 2007 as a permanent feature of Singapore’s social security system
    • Rewards regular work and individual effort by topping up salaries by up to 30%
    • Provides cash and CPF top-ups, helping lower-wage workers meet their expenditure needs and save for retirement
  • Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme
    • Formerly known as Workfare Training Support, it was enhanced in July 2020 to support lower-wage workers in undertake training that leads to more impactful outcomes
    • Helps lower-wage workers become more employable, and gives them a chance to earn more

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Introduced in 2019, Workcare aims to improve the work environments of lower-wage workers and strengthen public appreciation for the work that they do.

Progressive employers can tap on the Workcare Grant to provide new rest areas or enhance existing ones for their outsourced workers.

This is in line with recommendations in the Tripartite advisory on provision of rest areas for outsourced workers.


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Launched in 2012 by MOM and CPF Board, Workright protects the employment rights of workers through public education and enforcement of the Employment Act and the CPF Act.

Read on to find out more about the employment laws:


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