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Can I leave my FDW with a friend, relative or employment agency while I am overseas?

As an employer, you are responsible for the well-being and upkeep of your foreign domestic worker (FDW). This applies even if you are overseas.

If you are going overseas for a holiday or short-term assignment, you can leave your FDW at home or send her back for home leave.

If you are unable to leave her at home or send her on home leave, you may seek approval from MOM to leave your FDW with someone else on a temporary basis during your absence. This is to ensure that you are not illegally deploying your FDW.

To seek approval, send an online request at least 3 working days before your trip, and include:

  • Your name.
  • Your FDW’s name and Work Permit number.
  • Name and residential address of the person your FDW will be staying with.
  • Your relationship with the person.
  • Duration and dates of her stay with the person.

You should make sure that the person you are leaving her with can supervise your FDW, and take care of her well-being and health, while you are away.

You must also continue to pay her salary during your absence.