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Find an Authorised Examiner for Pressure Vessels

You need to get an Authorised Examiner to inspect your Pressure Vessel when it is due for inspection. Find an Authorised Examiner in this listing.

List of Authorised Examiners for Pressure Vessels


  • Air receiver (AR) – a container of air under pressure, including blasting pots, compressor air tanks and headers.
  • Steam boiler (BR) – a closed vessel in which steam is generated at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. This includes autoclaves, steam generating heat exchangers, sterilisers, vulcanisers, economisers and superheaters (heating surface of up to 1,000-square-metres).
  • Steam receiver (SR) – any vessel or apparatus that contains steam under pressure. This includes autoclaves, blow down tanks, deaerators, headers, heat exchangers, sterilisers and vulcanisers.
  • Refrigerant plant pressure receiver (PR) – a container of refrigerant under pressure.