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Increase workplace health (WH) surveillance

Workplace health surveillance involves the monitoring of workplace environments to assess exposure levels of workers to WH hazards such as chemical or noise hazard, as well as the monitoring of workers’ health through medical screening to detect overexposures and early signs of occupational diseases.

Sectors likely to have chemical and excessive noise hazards 

  • Food, beverage and tobacco
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and transport
  • Marine
  • Metal working
  • Non-metallic mineral products
  • Pharmaceuticals and biological products
  • Refineries and petrochemicals
  • Rubber and plastic
  • Waste treatment and recycling
  • Woodworking and furniture

Submit declaration on the presence of WH hazards for identified workplaces

Your workplace will be informed via letters to submit a declaration if your workplace:

  • Uses toxic substances
  • Has processes involving toxic substances or
  • Has noisy processes  

Workplaces who declared  presence of toxic substances and/or noisy processes are required to: 

  • Conduct hygiene monitoring to assess exposure levels of their workers
  • Implement control measures to reduce workers’ exposure
  • Put in place effective WH programmes such as Management of Hazardous Chemical Programme (MHCP) or Hearing Conservation Programme (HCP) to manage the hazard at the workplace and
  • Conduct medical monitoring for your workers who are exposed to specific WH hazards.