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Employer's responsibilities

In accordance with the Employment of the Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA), employers must ensure that their migrant workers live in proper housing, and provide the workers’ residential addresses to MOM.

There are various types of housing for migrant workers, each with its own set of requirements. See types of approved housing for details.

Register and update residential address and mobile number

What to update

Employers must register and update your migrant workers’ information in Online Foreign Workers Address Service (OFWAS):

  • Residential addresses
  • Mobile numbers

When to update

For work permit applications and renewals: Register before work permit issuance.

For changes in your migrant workers’ place of residence: Update within 5 days of any changes in residential addresses.

MOM conducts regular inspections at the declared residential addresses of your migrant workers. If you fail to carry out the above housing responsibilities, your company could be banned from work permit applications or renewals. You may also be prosecuted.