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Employer's responsibilities for migrant worker housing

You must ensure that your migrant workers live in proper housing. You must also update us on your workers' residential addresses and mobile numbers.

Employer's responsibilities

Under the Employment of the Foreign Manpower Act, employers have the following responsibilities regarding migrant workers' housing and contact information.

Key responsibilities Requirements
Provide workers with proper housing
Update MOM on workers' residential address and mobile number
  • Register and update your migrant workers' residential address and mobile number using the Online Foreign Workers Address Service (OFWAS). This must be done before Work Permit issuance for both new and renewal applications.
  • Update any change in the address or mobile number within 5 days in OFWAS.
Ensure proper catering, if applicable
  • If you have hired caterers for your migrant workers' meals, ensure that the cooked meals are safe to eat and delivered on time.

Regular inspections and enforcement

MOM conducts regular inspections at the declared residential addresses of your migrant workers. Enforcement action will be taken if you fail to carry out any of the above responsibilities. You could face prosecution, bans from future Work Permit applications and renewals, and a forfeit of security bonds.