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Eligibility for LOC for DP holders who are business owners

Dependant’s Pass (DP) holders who wish to operate a business in Singapore can apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC)

Who is eligible

To be eligible to apply for an LOC, you need to be one of the following types of business owner:

  • The sole proprietor of an ACRA-registered business.
  • A partner of an ACRA-registered business.
  • A company director with at least 30% shareholding in an ACRA-registered business.

To be eligible for a renewal of the LOC, you will also need to hire at least one Singaporean / Permanent Resident who earns at least the prevailing Local Qualifying Salary and receives CPF contributions for at least 3 months.

Existing DP LOC holders who are business owners

DP holders operating a business on an existing LOC can continue to do so until it expires, or apply for a one-off renewal of the LOC until 30 April 2022. Thereafter, they must meet the criteria to be eligible for LOC renewal, or obtain an applicable work pass to continue working in Singapore.

Duration of the pass

Apply for an LOC Duration of the pass
First-time candidates

Whichever is shorter

  • One year from issue date
  • Up to the expiry date of Dependant’s Pass
Subsequent renewals

Up to the date expiry of Dependant's Pass 

The LOC stops being valid when:

  • The Dependant’s Pass is cancelled or expires.
  • The business is no longer active. You still need to cancel the LOC.

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