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Opening Remarks by at the First Anniversary of CPFB's Community Pay It Forward Movement

Dr Tan See Leng, Minister for Manpower , CPFB Maxwell Service Centre

  1. Good evening. It is my pleasure to join you at the event to mark the first anniversary of CPF Board’s Community Paying it Forward movement.
  2. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our CPF volunteers, who have joined us here in person and online, Happy International Pay It Forward Day!

    CPFV’s Achievements

  3. Over the past year, the CPFV movement has grown remarkably.From just 800 volunteers when it first started, the community has more than 4,500 volunteers today.
  4. And together, you have helped members make more than 10,000 referrals online for retirement sum top-ups, voluntary housing refunds and CPF nominations since the start of 2021.
  5. I must say, this is no mean feat. This is because the CPF system can be complex and volunteers need to ensure that they are providing accurate information to help members make informed decisions about their hard-earned monies. I was just sharing with CE Augustin that a few years ago I actually sat at one of these counters to understand about retirement when I was reaching the age of 55. Even for myself, when my residents ask me about CPF, I sometimes have to go on the CPF website and the myCPF app, that gives me a lot of information to refer to. I can use the website and the app to double check and confirm the information before I address some of their questions.!So I think it’s remarkable what you all are doing to help them.
  6. That is why I salute those of you who have stepped out of your comfort zones to pay it forward with your CPF knowledge. Take for instance :
    • Jenson Chen, who not only spoke at CPF Board’s Maximising Your Money webinar, but also shared his personal insights on CPF at an engagement session with the staff from the Silver Generation Office.
    • Junice Sim and Tan Choong Hwee, who tirelessly fielded CPF questions in online communities, and advocated leveraging CPF for a restful, blissful and meaningful retirement.
    • Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif, a full-time caregiver who has been helping his family and friends secure their retirement by dispelling misconceptions about CPF.
  7. In the past year, the CPF Board organised many events which was well attended by volunteers. Specifically, I would like to thank you for:
    • attending the “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Senior Advisor to the CPF Board, Mr Soh Chin Heng
    • And for joining the bi-monthly virtual get-togethers, where many of you shared your experiences with other volunteers.
    • Some of you were also involved in the focus group discussions facilitated by the Ngee Ann Polytechnic students and provided valuable feedback on how we can further enhance the volunteering journey for each and every one of you.
  8. We deeply appreciate your time and commitment in keeping abreast with the latest CPF information and helping us to grow the CPF Volunteering (CPFV) community.

    What’s new for CPFV

  9. We have heard your feedback on how we can further improve the CPFV movement for everyone.
  10. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, engagements with our CPF volunteers have been conducted virtually. A number of you have expressed your desire to have get-togethers physically prior to this event. Some CPF members, in particular seniors, have also been yearning for face-to-face engagements. With the easing of community Safe Management Measures, I am happy to announce that CPF Board will be transiting from digital engagements and training to hybrid or physical events where you, as volunteers, can engage face-to-face with members of the public who want to find out more about CPF.
  11. We will be providing more opportunities for CPF volunteers to interact with members in 2022.
    • Firstly, you will be able to share your CPF knowledge and experience at CPF talks and grassroots events. Take for example, Eric Seah who had been volunteering with us since December 2020. When CPF Board partnered Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizen Consultative Committee on the Project Seniors Aid Programme to boost the retirement savings of 100 low-income senior residents through the Match Retirement Savings Scheme (MRSS) earlier this month, Eric readily agreed to participate. At the event, he shared about CPF LIFE and retirement planning with beneficiaries who had received CPF top-ups sponsored by the community donors.  
    • Secondly, good news for those of you who stay or like to travel to the east side of Singapore. The CPF Board has recently launched the E-Xperience Space at the newly renovated Tampines Service Centre. This is a dedicated space for guiding and training members on the use of the Board’s digital transaction services.
    • In the coming months, as a CPF volunteer, we hope that you would support us in taking up the role of an E-Xperience Guide. You will be trained by CPFB officers and can then conduct small group workshops with those who wish to learn more. You can expect to hear more about this pilot initiative in the second quarter of this year.


  12. Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you for stepping forward as a CPF volunteer. In sharing the benefits of CPF and how members can capitalise on their CPF to better prepare for retirement, you have helped to bring greater peace of mind and certainty to those around you.
  13. And the power of your actions should not be understated or underestimated. When those who benefit continue to pay it forward, this as a compounding effect and will eventually result in significant positive impact on the community.
  14. So let’s keep up the momentum and get more family and friends on board. They can join the CPFV community easily by downloading and registering with the CPFV mobile app.
  15. Together, we can help our fellow Singaporeans to make the most of their CPF savings to reduce uncertainties and retire happy, healthy and without worry. Thank you.