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Public Consultation on Strengthening Protections for Platform Workers

  1. The Advisory Committee on Platform Workers (“Advisory Committee”) invites members of the public to give feedback on strengthening protections for platform workers from today to 15 December 2021. The public consultation exercise, published on REACH’s website at, will complement the Advisory Committee’s plans to consult a wide range of stakeholders including platform companies and platform workers.
  2. Platform workers, which refer specifically to delivery persons, private-hire car drivers, and taxi drivers, currently make up about 3% (or ~ 79,000 persons[1]) of our resident workforce.
  3. The Advisory Committee has identified three priority areas to give platform workers a more secure future, namely (i) improving housing and retirement adequacy, (ii) strengthening financial protection in case of work injury and (iii) enhancing representation. As these are complex issues with multiple trade-offs, the Advisory Committee seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the platform landscape. The Advisory Committee also welcomes feedback and suggestions on how each of the priority areas could be addressed adequately and in a sustainable manner.
  4. Ms Goh Swee Chen, Chairperson of the Advisory Committee said, “We aim to present recommendations that result in tangible protection improvements for platform workers.  At the same time, we recognise the need for solutions to be practical and sustainable for businesses and consumers. To achieve this, we are consulting widely, and will deliberate thoroughly before sharing our recommendations next year. We strongly encourage all interested parties to give their feedback through the public consultation exercise and look forward to fruitful discussions with related parties in the coming months.”
  5. Members of public can participate in this exercise by viewing the public consultation document at for details of the proposed areas for review. To provide feedback, please submit via the online form by 15 December 2021.