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Sharing of Stay-Home Notice and Related COVID-19 Test Costs between Employers of Transfer Non-Malaysian Work Permit Holders

With immediate effect, current employers of transfer non-Malaysian work permit holders (WPHs) will be able to share the costs of Stay-Home Notice (SHN) and related COVID-19 tests with subsequent employers.

2 Employers of non-Malaysian WPHs can arrange for such costs to be shared if the worker is transferred to another employer within 12 months from the completion of SHN.

3 Employers can refer to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on 12 November 2021 which recommends that employers bear the costs proportionate to the workers’ duration of employment within the 12-month period. Employers may also determine their own apportionment of the costs of SHN and related COVID-19 tests by mutual agreement, subject to the following criteria being met: 

  1. the current employer does not receive more than what he/she had paid for the costs of SHN and related COVID-19 tests; and
  2. both the current and new employers sign a written agreement on the amount of costs shared, and the agreement is to be retained by both employers for one year from the agreement date