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Expansion of Community Visit Programme and More Convenient Access to Recreation Centres for Vaccinated Migrant Workers

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will expand the community visit programme and further ease restrictions for visits to Recreation Centres (RCs) for vaccinated migrant workers from 30 October 2021.

Expansion of community visits

2 Since 13 September 2021, up to 500 vaccinated migrant workers from selected dormitories have been able to visit Little India each week under a pilot community visit programme. During the one-month pilot, around 700 migrant workers from 30 dormitories visited Little India for six hours per visit. The workers are required to administer Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) before and after the visits, and none have tested positive thus far. Most workers polled by the Ministry are satisfied with the visit itineraries and arrangements. Some have provided feedback that they would appreciate longer visit hours and more location options.  


3 With positive outcomes and encouraging feedback from the pilot, the Ministry will open up the community visit programme to more vaccinated migrant workers with an additional location option and for a longer duration. From 30 October 2021, up to 3,000 vaccinated migrant workers will be able to visit Little India and Geylang Serai per week, for up to eight hours per visit.


4        Workers residing in dormitory blocks without COVID-19 clusters will be eligible1 to sign up for community visits. These dormitories must have implemented good Safe Living Measures and have workers with high vaccination rates. Migrant workers participating in the community visits will be required to take an ART on the day of the visit.

5 MOM will monitor the progress of the community visits and assess further expansion of the scope and scale of the visits at an appropriate time.


Further easing of measures at Recreation Centres (RCs) for vaccinated migrant workers

6 MOM will also make visits to RCs more accessible and convenient for vaccinated workers. From 30 October 2021, all vaccinated migrant workers can visit RCs up to three times a week, and will no longer be required to undergo a pre-visit ART. Unvaccinated migrant workers will be able to visit RCs up to three times a week as well, using their ART negative results from their Rostered Routine Testing regime or a pre-visit ART test.




  1. Previously, only workers from dormitories with no positive COVID-19 cases were eligible for the pilot. Workers from dormitories without COVID-19 clusters, or those in blocks without COVID-19 cases, will now be eligible.