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Inquiry Committee into the Explosion at 32E Tuas Avenue 11 to Begin Accepting Written Public Submissions

1. The Inquiry Committee (IC) appointed on 2 March 2021 to inquire into, amongst others, the causes and circumstances that led to the fatal explosion and fire at 32E Tuas Avenue 11 on 24 February 2021, has completed its first tranche of public hearings on 7 Oct 2021. It is now inviting the general public to submit written representations in relation to part (b) of its Terms of Reference (TOR) (enclosed in Annex); i.e. recommendations to prevent the recurrence of such an accident at workplaces.

2. The IC requests that persons making written submissions should confine their recommendations to the following matters which are of particular interest to the IC:
(a) Measures to ensure the safe commissioning, operation, maintenance, and repair of industrial machines operating in a similar manner as that involved in the incident; and
(b) Measures to ensure the safe supply, storage, and handling of combustible dust or powders at workplace settings similar to that involved in the incident.

3. Written representations should include the following information:
(a) The author’s name, occupation, address, contact number and email address;
(b) A brief description of the organisation (if any) that the representation is made on behalf of;
(c) Any financial or other interest that the author (and the organisation he/ she represents) has in the IC’s TOR; and
(d) Whether the author is willing to appear before the IC to give evidence if required.

4. Written representations should be sent to the Committee’s Secretary, Ms Audrina Chua, and Assistant Secretary Mr Delvinder Singh at:


Address:  Occupational Safety and Health Division
1500 Bendemeer Road #03-02
Ministry of Manpower Services Centre
Singapore 339946

5. The IC will take into consideration submissions on the specified TOR (b) which are received for the purposes of the inquiry.

6. The IC will determine whether to call any of the authors to give evidence at the hearing and if so, whom. The IC may also seek clarification from authors on their written representations as well as subsequently publish any written representations it receives. The closing date for the submission of written representations is 31 October 2021, 5.00pm.

7. The IC will be holding its second tranche of hearings from 15 to 19 November 2021, from 10am to 5pm at Court 8A of the State Courts. All hearings of the IC will be open to members of the public and media subject to capacity limits in line with Safe Management Measures. These dates and timings are indicative and may be subject to change.