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Revisions to Snap Work-From-Home Regime

1. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce for COVID-19 (MTF) had earlier announced that from 8 September 2021, if a worker who has returned to the workplace in the past 7 days tests positive for COVID-19, employers must implement a snap work-from-home regime for 14 days, for all employees who are able to do so. 

2. The snap WFH regime was introduced to slow down the rate of COVID-19 transmission at the workplaces.  This measure remains necessary as the number of daily cases increase.  However, to mitigate potential disruptions to businesses, MOM will make the following revisions which will take effect from 22 September 2021:

(a) The duration of the snap WFH regime will be reduced from 14 to 10 days. This in line with the quarantine period reduction for close contacts of COVID-positive cases, which was announced by MOH on 10 September 2021;

(b) The snap 10-day WFH will apply to companies with three or more COVID-positive cases working at the same premises / branch within a period of 7 consecutive days, as this may be indicative of workplace transmission; and

(c) Affected workers (including on-site contractors and vendors) who have been placed on snap WFH arrangements will be able to return to office for ad-hoc reasons, if they test negative via an Antigen Rapid Test (ART). The test should be completed before they return, and not be more than 24 hours before the end of their ad-hoc return to the workplace.

3. With the above revisions, the snap WFH period will commence the day after the date of the latest COVID-positive test result of the third employee. 

4. MOM would like to urge both employers and employees to exercise social responsibility to self-isolate if they are known to be close contacts with the COVID-positive cases.  All affected employees are encouraged to monitor their health and administer ART self-swabs during the 10-day period at least twice a week, and before returning onsite. 

5. Employers should vacate and cordon off the section where the confirmed cases had worked and activate deep cleaning of the affected premises. They are also reminded to review and ensure adequate Safe Management Measures remain in place at the workplace. These include:

(a) Ensuring no more than 50% of employees able to work-from-home are at the workplace at one time;

(b) No social gatherings at the workplace;

(c) All meal breaks are to be taken individually;

(d) Staggering start times and allowing flexible workplace hours; and

(e) Observing a safe distance of at least 1 metre.


6. As Singapore continues to navigate its way towards becoming a COVID-resilient nation, employers and employees both have a part to play in reducing transmission risk at workplaces. We urge everyone to abide by the latest requirements, so as to keep each other safe. The updated Safe Management Measures at the Workplace can be found at: