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More than 5,200 enteprises have tapped on Lean Enterprise Development Scheme to Transform and Grow

  1. Since its launch in October 2015, the LED Scheme has helped over 5,200 enterprises from all sectors harness technology and lean manpower solutions to transform their business operations and processes and improve productivity.
  2. The LED initiatives range from optimisation of technology and automation, to adoption of progressive human resource practices and more. These efforts can take place at either the individual-enterprise or enterprise-cluster levels, providing companies with readily-available, customised solutions and supporting them in capability development so that workers can also benefit from the resulting higher-value jobs. (refer to Annex A for the LED Scheme factsheet)

Driving the next level of business growth through RTG solutions

  1. Nearly 1,000 companies supported by the LED Scheme this year have adopted over 40 government pre-approved ready-to-go (RTG) solutions that are designed for various industries and business functions. These RTG solutions are featured on Tech Depot, a centralised platform launched in April 2017 under the SME Portal. (refer to Annex B for details on Tech Depot, and Annex C for examples of companies who have tapped on RTG solutions)

Cluster projects for broader impact

  1. Cluster projects offer benefits through economies of scale, helping companies access technology and solutions without having to expressly invest in hardware and resources. Through cluster solutions, companies are also able to pilot smaller-scale projects which they can then translate into larger scale, long-term and holistic transformations. (refer to Annex D for examples of cluster projects)

Capability transfer to bridge skillsets and expertise

  1. Enterprises and industries also need to enhance their local workforce capability to compliment and accelerate transformation in a manpower-lean landscape. To help develop local workforce capabilities, enterprises are also encouraged to tap on the Capability Transfer Programme (CTP) which brings in industry experts to train local specialised users. Announced in October 2017, CTP provides support to companies in facilitating the transfer of capabilities to help local workers acquire skills and knowledge lacking or short in supply in Singapore. (refer to Annex E for details on CTP and an example of a CTP project)

Second LED Symposium

  1. At this year’s symposium, 14 companies shared their lean transformation journey after embarking on LED projects in 2016. Organised by the LED Taskforce and led by SPRING Singapore, Workforce Singapore, the National Trades Union Congress and tripartite partners, in collaboration with the Singapore National Employers Federation, the symposium featured the sharing of success stories and in-depth panel discussions by companies and solution providers. The event also included a gallery showcase of business transformation projects where industry practitioners shared their transformation initiatives and insights, and provided participating companies with useful and actionable ideas.
  2. The 2017 LED Symposium was graced by Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say and Second Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo, and was attended by more than 1,000 individuals from a range of sectors including food services, construction, food manufacturing, ICT and media, professional services, electronics, hotels, logistics, and precision engineering.