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New Initiatives by Tripartite Partners to Boost Employment Support for PMEs

14 November 2014

  1. Two new initiatives to strengthen the support for Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) and enhance their employability were announced by the Senior Minister of State for Manpower and Health, Dr Amy Khor, at the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)’s Lifelong Learning Institute today. To help Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) gain better access to job and training opportunities and locate useful career-related information, a new one-stop career resource portal will be launched. PMEs who wish to switch careers and secure new jobs in different industries will also now benefit from enhanced Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs).
  2. Senior Minister of State for Manpower and Health, Dr Amy Khor, said, "The Government recognises that PMEs form an important and growing part of our workforce, as we continue to create quality PME jobs for our people. These new initiatives are part of tripartite efforts to build a career-resilient PME workforce with skills that meet the evolving needs of the economy. They will strengthen the support available to all PMEs through enhanced funding for Professional Conversation Programmes as well as enable them to access quality jobs through the one-stop career resource portal."

    Two New Initiatives for PMEs
  3. The two new initiatives are:

    a) One-stop career resource portal (

    The portal is a tripartite effort by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), to provide a one-stop suite of comprehensive resources for PMEs on career development, training and employment assistance. The portal will also feature the relevant Government and unions’ PME events, programmes and services. (Please refer to Annex A for more information on

    b) Enhanced funding support for Professional Conversion Programmes

    To help PMEs re-skill to take on new jobs in different industries, WDA will increase the monthly salary support given to employers who hire PMEs on a PCP, from the current 70 per cent of monthly salary (subject to a cap of $2,000), to up to 90 per cent of the monthly salary (subject to a cap of $4,000). The enhanced support applies to industries/sectors that have existing as well as upcoming PCPs in the place-and-train mode. PMEs aged 40 years old and above, as well as those unemployed for more than six months, will be eligible for the enhanced support. (Please refer to Annex B for more information on WDA’s Professional Conversion Programmes)
  4. The two new initiatives will enhance the employment support which PMEs currently receive. Existing efforts include help for PMEs to enhance their employability and with their job searches, through CaliberLink, which was set up in 2011 by WDA. More recently, the Jobs Bank was launched in July to facilitate better job matching between local job seekers and employers. NTUC also launched U PME centres in 2011 to provide advisory services to PMEs, and is holding its inaugural PME Week from 10 to 15 November 2014.

    Support from the tripartite partners
  5. 5 WDA’s Chief Executive, Mr Ng Cher Pong said, "As our economy restructures and the demographics of our workforce change, the need for a career-resilient workforce with relevant skills becomes more acute. The two new initiatives which we announced today will complement the existing initiatives that we have in place to help PMEs. PMEs will gain better support for their career and developmental needs, and opportunities to deepen their skills and competencies to make career transitions."
  6. Mr Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General, NTUC said, "PMEs remain vulnerable amid economic restructuring and transformation in today’s global stage. The portal is a good way to direct PMEs to NTUC’s U PME Centres where we provide PMEs with workplace, career and professional development advisory services to enable them to be future-ready and future-proof, through employment and employability opportunities as well as union membership benefits."
  7. Mr Bob Tan, Senior Advisor at SNEF, added, "The portal will be able to better match job demands against the skills development of PMEs. Such facilitation enables employers to enhance their overall productivity and competitiveness to better meet their business needs."

  8. The tripartite partners will continue to work together to support PMEs and help them take on quality jobs, remain competitive in the workforce and realise their full potential.

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