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Three employers charged for failing to pay salaries and another charged for providing false information

18 July 2013 

  1. Three directors were charged in the Subordinate Courts today for failing to pay salaries to their workers as stipulated under the Employment Act (EA). Another director was charged for providing false documents and statements to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Details of the persons charged and their offences are at Annex A.

    Cases involving failure to pay salaries

    Ong Jeau Leang and Oi Leng Li
  2. MOM initiated investigations on RPM Media Pte Ltd (RPM Media), after the company failed to pay salary arrears owed to its employees despite orders from the Commissioner for Labour. RPM Media was owned by Mr Ong Jeau Leang, who allegedly owed about $35,000 in salary to eight employees. Mr Ong was also the director of Apex Media Pte Ltd, which allegedly owed close to $3,000 in salary to one employee.
  3. Mr Ong’s wife, Mdm Oi Leng Li, was the director of Eventus Inc Marketing Pte Ltd, which allegedly owed close to $2,500 in salary to one employee. Aside from this, Mdm Oi was also the director of MMX Publishing and Media Boys Pte Ltd. She was convicted of offences related to non-payment of salary in 2012, in her capacity as director of these two companies.

    Borhan Bin Saini
  4. Another director, Mr Borhan Bin Saini was also charged for failing to pay salaries to his employees. Please refer to Annex A for further details on their offences.

    Case involving the provision of false documents and statements
  5. In a separate case, a director of OTS Cleaning Pte Ltd, Mr Sam Oh Tiong Li, has been charged with furnishing false documents and providing false statements to a MOM investigating officer. The offences allegedly took place during investigations after MOM conducted a proactive inspection of the employment conditions in OTS Cleaning Pte Ltd.

    Employers should ensure they do it right
  6. Employers have the legal responsibility and moral obligation to ensure that employees’ salaries are paid on time. They must also be familiar with their obligations under Singapore’s employment laws, including the EA, Employment of Foreign Manpower Act and Central Provident Fund Act.
  7. Employers are further reminded to cooperate with MOM by providing authentic copies of supporting documents during the course of MOM’s investigations. MOM will not hesitate to take stern action against errant employers who flout or disregard our employment laws. Workers or members of the public can call 1800-221-9922 or email to report cases of non-compliance with the stated Acts. All calls and emails will be kept strictly confidential.

Annex A - Information on Charges