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18 Members Appointed to WSH Council to Champion Industry Efforts Towards WSH 2018 Goal

The Minister for Manpower has appointed 18 members or "champions" to the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council1 with effect from 1 April 2010. The new WSH Council board will strengthen its industry leadership role to engage and bring stakeholders on board the national WSH journey, with better capabilities and improved practices. It will play a key role to meet the national WSH 2018 goal to achieve world class WSH standards.

2.   Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman of Shell Singapore, was re-appointed as Chairman of WSH Council, together with 14 other members. Three new council members were appointed, as highlighted in the table below2.

New member Designations Role
Mr Mohd Abdul Akbar Managing Director of Nan Guan Construction Pte Ltd; Vice President (I) of Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Abdul Akbar will look into how WSHC can further assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to improve their WSH standards.
Mr Terence Tan Kiat Swee Senior Vice President and Head, Commercial Division, HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd Mr Tan will look at how insurance can be better linked to safety outcomes and strengthen the relevance of WSH to businesses.
Mr Wong Weng Sun President and Chief Executive Officer, Sembcorp Marine Ltd; President, Association of Singapore Marine Industries Mr Wong will continue to champion work at height issues as Chairman of the National Work at Height Taskforce. He will also play a key role in improving safety in the marine sector.

3.   All the WSH Council Industry Chairpersons have also been re-appointed so they can continue to spearhead efforts in the respective sectors. This is especially important for the construction and marine sectors where the Chairpersons will lead the implementation of the two sectoral plans announced last month.

4.   Elaborating on the important role of the WSH Council, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower and Health Mr Hawazi Daipi said, "The WSH Council plays a pivotal role in our goal to achieve world class WSH standards, working closely with the players on the ground. Industry support and commitment is critical and this will be the Council’s mandate. By developing strong links throughout industry, the Council is able to understand unique sectoral challenges and develop programmes to improve WSH practices. The Ministry of Manpower will strongly support the Council in its efforts to make safety and health a top priority in the workplace."

5.   Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman of the WSHC, added, "I am pleased to continue my role as WSH Council Chairman and would like to personally welcome all 17 members on board as fellow champions to protect the lives of our employees at the workplace. The Council will continue to have our ears on the ground to pick up pertinent feedback from workers and management. We will recommend measures to ensure good adoption of WSH practices across our workplaces. Besides our key focus on high hazard sectors and work areas, we will develop more initiatives to reach out to workplaces and employees locally, so that we can nurture a strong WSH culture for sustainable improvement."

1 Please see more details about the WSH Council in Annex A.

2 For the full Council composition, please see Annex B.