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Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service for homeowners

Making it easy for homeowners to de-register work pass holders from residential addresses.

Foreign Worker Tenant Enquiry Service (FWTES) is a new eService that replaces the hardcopy declaration forms that homeowners submit to remove the names of work pass holders previously staying at their residences.

FWTES only contains information on non-domestic work pass holders, and doesn’t include data on other occupants or tenants (e.g. local tenants or homeowner’s family members) staying at the premises.

For homeowners

You can check the names of work pass holders staying at your residential properties and remove their names if they’re no longer staying there. If your address has been misused, please report the matter to MOM.

For employers and estate agents

It is in your interest to check on the number of work pass holders staying at the premises before entering into any tenancy agreements, to ensure that the occupancy limits will not be breached. However, you will not be able to view the work pass holders’ details or remove their names from any residential property. Instead, please ask the homeowners to deregister those tenants who have moved away.

You can log in to FWTES today.