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My FDW wants to end her employment contract without serving notice, but she is unable to pay the salary in-lieu of notice. What should I do?

The notice period gives foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and employers time for a smooth handover and transition.

Just like with any other employment contract, responsible FDWs who decide to end their employment contracts early need to either serve the notice period, or pay in-lieu of notice. You should explain to your FDW that she is contractually bound to serve the notice period, and discuss with your FDW to find a mutually agreed solution.

There are some cases where FDWs may need to terminate their contract early, without being able to pay the salary in lieu of notice. Employers are encouraged to exercise compassion where appropriate, and find a mutually agreed solution, such as a shorter notice period or waiving part of the salary in lieu of notice.

If your FDW is leaving and you have urgent caregiving needs, you may approach an employment agency that is under the Advance Placement Scheme to hire another FDW quickly.