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How do I get a refund if I paid extra levy?

To be eligible for a refund, there must be levy paid in excess. You can use the Check and Pay Levy eService, and check the outstanding amount under Account Summary. If you see a ’CR' reflected there, then you have paid excess levy. 

If you do not have a ‘CR’ in your account, you must apply for a levy waiver first if your worker or helper meets the levy waiver criteria. Once your waiver application is approved, the amount paid will be used to offset your next levy bill.

However, if you have already cancelled the Work Permit and will not have another levy bill, you can submit a refund request for your:

You need to submit the refund request within 1 year after the overpayment or error in payment was made.

If the work pass of your worker or helper is cancelled or expired, for instance, in Feb, you will still have a levy bill generated in Mar for Feb’s levy.