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How do I know if my employees are covered under the food services PWM?

Refer to the job descriptions to find out which PWM job role your employees belong to.

Employers should classify and pay their employees the Progressive Wage for the job role that best fits the employee’s actual duties, regardless of their job title.

Both you and your employees should agree on the job roles and salaries, and have a written agreement, such as an employment contract. If there are disagreements, employers and employees should approach their unions, if applicable, or contact us for assistance.

Employers will have to declare to MOM their employees’ job role via the Occupational Employment Dataset (OED).

SFA Food Processing licences

If your business holds an SFA Food Processing (Central Kitchen) licence and hires foreign employees on a Work Permit, S Pass or Employment Pass, your employees who work at that location will fall under Category B and will have to be paid according to the applicable PWM wage requirements.