Most customers use our digital services (e.g. eServices, web chat, website) to find out about the latest work pass requirements. If you’re unable to do so, you can make an appointment to visit our services centres.
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Service is online

24 hours

To access Union-Link, you need the following:

  • CorpPass. Apply for CorpPass if you don’t have one.
  • Your CorpPass admin or sub-admin must assign your CorpPass account:
    1. Log in to CorpPass.
    2. Go to eServices Access tab.
    3. Choose Union-Link as one of your company’s eServices.
    4. Assign Union-Link to your CorpPass account.

What web browsers can I use?Show

Recommended web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and above
  • Google Chrome 45 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 40 and above
  • Safari 8 and above

If you encounter problems with the Union-Link system, you can contact us at 6438 5122 or