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At a glance

Who can notify

Employers or company representatives.

Note: A Corppass account is required to transact with MOM. Apply for a Corppass account if you don’t have one. More info.

How long to complete 10 to 15 minutes

What information must I provide?Show

  • Company name and UEN
  • Company contact person details
  • Name of union (if company is unionised), and whether union was consulted
  • Number of employees on the date of submission of the retrenchment notification to MOM. This includes all employees, i.e. Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners.
  • Details of employees to be retrenched (i.e. name, NRIC or FIN, residential status, job title, date of effective retrenchment, date of notification of retrenchment to employees)
  • Payment of retrenchment benefit and quantum
  • Provision of employment facilitation assistance

What do I need before I can notify MOM?Show

You need:

  • Corppass. Apply for a Corppass account if you don’t have one.
  • Your Corppass admin or sub-admin must assign your Corppass account:
    1. Log in to Corppass.
    2. Go to eService Access tab.
    3. Choose EmPOWER as one of your company’s eServices.
    4. Assign EmPOWER eService to your CorpPass account.

Can I amend a submitted retrenchment notification, and how do I do so?Show

Amendments are allowed for the following reasons:

  • Rectification of inaccurate details such as reasons for retrenchment
  • Removal of retrenched employees in cases of successful redeployment

Similar to the submission of a retrenchment notification, you may log in to amend your retrenchment notifications. 

You are not allowed to add employees into submitted retrenchment notifications. Please submit a new retrenchment notification if there are other employees who were notified of their retrenchment.