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What web browsers can I use?Show

You will need to use Internet Explorer version 8 and above. e-Notification system is best viewed with Internet Explorer version 9.

What transactions I can do in e-Notification System?Show

You can use this service to:

  • Create a new e-Notification.
  • Amend details of the e-Notification.
  • Update an e-Notification, such as to inform us when the employment ends.
  • Reprint an e-Notification Acknowledgement Letter.

You can re-print the acknowledgment letter using the e-Notification system.

Note: You must print and keep this acknowledgement letter at all times and produce it for inspection when required.

Can I change the information in my e-Notification?Show

You can use the 'amend notification' function to amend information after you have submitted an e-Notification.

If you are unable to amend in the system, you will need to re-submit your e-Notification with the correct information.