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Workplace grievances

If you have a workplace grievance, you can seek help from your company, your union or outside counsellors.

What is a workplace grievance

A workplace grievance is discontent or the feeling of being victimised at work. For example, arising from the management style or lack of sensitivity on a supervisor’s part.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding are common in such work environments. If not managed properly, it can affect morale and productivity.

If your grievance is specifically about workplace harassment, please read the related questions.

What you can do

If you are an employee who feels victimised, you can:

  • Raise grievances and seek recourse through grievance-handling channels in your company.
  • Report your supervisor's behaviour to top management.
  • Approach your union for assistance.
  • Seek counselling support.

Note: You should immediately make a police report for cases involving physical harm or threat of harm.

What employers can do

Employers should aim to prevent misunderstandings from occurring by:

  • Treating employees with respect, and adopt fair and responsible employment practices.
  • Ensuring that lines of communication are kept open.
  • Providing proper grievance-handling procedures and addressing grievances appropriately.
  • Keeping employees informed of such channels, including how top management can be approached.