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What can a victim of workplace harassment do?

If you’re affected by workplace harassment, you can consider either one or more of the following options:

  • Keep a distance from people who exhibit unacceptable social behaviour, where reasonably possible.
  • Adopt a buddy system in situations where personal safety may be compromised.
  • Get help using pre-arranged distress signal or other appropriate means such as the personal duress system, in situations where personal safety may be compromised.
  • Be familiar with workplace harassment-related procedures in the organisation. Report the harassment encounter to your supervisor, manager, HR or delegated neutral party for the organisation to intervene and take appropriate action.
  • Contact TAFEP to get help and advice on the appropriate actions that you can take:
  • Make a police report or seek civil remedies from the State Courts against the harasser if the contravention of a POHA provision is believed to have been committed. Victims of harassment can apply for a Protection Order (PO) and an Expedited Protection Order (EPO). The victim of harassment can also commence a civil suit against the harasser for monetary damages. It is possible to initiate both criminal and civil actions at the same time.

More information on the civil and criminal remedies can be found on the State Courts website.

For further details on handling workplace harassment, please refer to the Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment.