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Find out what the minimum retirement age is and what to do if you feel you have been unfairly dismissed because of your age.

In accordance with the Retirement and Re-employment Act (RRA), the minimum retirement age is 63 years. Your company cannot ask you to retire before that age.

You have this protection if you:

  • Are a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.
  • Joined your employer before you turned 55.

Employees who turn 63 can continue to be employed in the organisation if they meet the eligibility criteria of re-employment.

When do I retire

You will retire on the day you turn 63 years.

If you turn 63 on 1 August 2022, your retirement date will be 1 August 2022.

Senior Employment Credit to employment of senior workers

Through the Senior Employment Credit (SEC), employers who employs workers aged 55 and above will receive an offset of up to 8% of an employee’s monthly wages.

To find out more, visit the SEC website.

Wrongful dismissal

If you feel you have been wrongfully dismissed because of your age, you can appeal in writing to the Minister for Manpower within 1 month of dismissal.