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Taking childcare leave

You can take childcare leave to spend time with your child for any reason. However, there are restrictions on using the leave; for example, you cannot transfer your leave to your spouse or encash your unused leave.

When taking your leave

When taking your childcare leave:

  • You have the full flexibility to use your leave to spend time with your child; for example, to accompany your child on the first day of school or to look after your child if you can't arrange childcare.
  • You don't need to produce a medical certificate for the child.
  • You should give early notice to your employer of your intention to take childcare leave.
  • Both you and your employer should mutually agree on a suitable time to take your leave.

Leave is subject to your employer's approval. However, your employer is strongly encouraged to grant the leave for matters that cannot be postponed, such as child immunisation or school registration.

What you can't do with your leave

Some restrictions apply to childcare leave. You cannot:

  • Transfer childcare leave between spouses.
  • Encash your unused childcare leave; it will lapse at the end of each agreed 12-month period.
  • Carry over any unused childcare leave to a new company, if you change employer.
  • Use your childcare leave to offset the notice period for termination of employment. However, if you apply for childcare care leave during the notice period, your employer is encouraged to grant the leave. The leave taken will not add to the notice period.