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Government procurement of cleaning, landscaping and security services

Find out what are the requirements for cleaning companies, landscape companies and security agencies to apply for government procurement.

As a buyer, the Government supports safeguarding the well-being of outsourced workers and has taken steps to source responsibly. From 31 January 2019, the Government will step up our best sourcing efforts.

Requirements from 31 January 2019

From 31 January 2019, cleaning companies, landscape companies and security agencies must have at least 2 consecutive status or good grades to be awarded Government contracts.

This means that the Government will only procure these services from companies with consistent track records in their employment and professional standards. Companies must treat your workers fairly in order to qualify for government contracts.

This is a necessary step to safeguard the employment rights of employees in outsourced sectors where there are more low-wage workers.

By taking this lead, we hope to encourage private sector buyers to similarly step up your best sourcing efforts.

If you are a You need
Cleaning company 2 consecutive Clean Mark Gold or Silver in NEA’s EAS
Landscape company 2 consecutive status in NParks’ LCR
Security agency 2 consecutive Grades A or B in SPF’s SAGE