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Fostering workplace integration with

Employers can use the Starter Kit to help your employees from different backgrounds work and interact well in your workplace.

Review and implement the key practices in the Starter Kit

As an employer, you can use the Starter Kit to:

  • Help your new foreign employees adapt to local workplaces and local culture.
  • Encourage your foreign employees to communicate more effectively with locals.
  • Create opportunities for your employees to interact and forge bonds.
  • Monitor the demographic make-up and inclusivity of your workplace.

Appoint your company's representative

Appoint your company’s representative and access available resources and funding to support your workplace integration efforts:

TAFEP and SNEF will provide relevant updates to your appointed representative.

More resources

Tripartite Guidelines for Fair Employment Practices – sets out fair employment practices that you should use to prevent discrimination in your workplace.

Singapore National Employers Federation – enables employers to implement responsible employment practices.


Singapore has always been an open economy. Rooted in its Asian cultures and located at the crossroads of global trade, Singapore has fostered a multiracial and multi-cultural society by drawing from different cultures and ideas. This has been a competitive advantage for us.

Likewise, businesses stand to gain when their employees from different backgrounds work and interact well at the workplace. Inclusive and harmonious workplaces tend to have more engaged employees, with more innovative teams that are better at solving problems and creating value. They can better attract and retain talent, and are likely to be more productive. The initiative can help support employers’ efforts to foster workplace integration.

The initiative is brought to you by the National Integration Working Group for Workplaces (NIWG-W). Comprising members from government, industry and the unions, the NIWG-W was formed under the auspices of the National Integration Council to foster inclusive and harmonious workplaces in Singapore. The NIWG-W engages various industry partners in raising awareness of the importance and benefits of being culturally sensitive, and enhancing employers’ capabilities to effectively manage employees from different cultures and nationalities.

It augments on-going efforts by TAFEP to help employers in Singapore build workplaces that are inclusive and harmonious. Employers can contact TAFEP for tools, resource materials and assistance to improve their workplace practices.