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Incident Reporting

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Report Work-related Accident or Occupational Disease
Notify MOM of a work accident, dangerous occurrence or occupational disease. You can also use this eService to report to MOM if you wish to claim work injury compensation for a work injury or disease.
Retrieve Draft Incident Report
Retrieve a saved draft. Drafts will be deleted within 14 days if not submitted.

If you have forgotten your draft report’s password, click “forgot password”.

Retrieve / Print Submitted Incident Report
Retrieve a submitted report.

If you have forgotten your submitted report’s password, click “forgot password”.
Amend Submitted Incident Report
Amend or update a submitted report.

You will need to login with your Singpass and the report password If you have forgotten your report’s password, click “forgot password”.
Purchase of Incident Report

For Injured Employee
Require (i) SingPass and (ii) an email account for the enquiry.

For Employer, Insurer and Legal representative
Same as above. In addition, you will require your company's UEN, the injured person's ID and the date of accident.

Incident Reporting eService User Guide
Application requires Adobe Flash Player
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