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Maximum occupancy for private residential properties (PRPs) was changed from 8 to 6 since May 2017. More info.
Not available due to maintenance Every Thursday, 8.30pm – 9pm

What can I do in OFWAS?Show

All employers of Work Permit (WP) holders are required to update the residential addresses of their WP holders to us prior to issuance or renewal of their WP and subsequently any change in their address within five days.

Can I use OFWAS?Show

You can use OFWAS if you're any of the following:

  • Employer’s of non-domestic Work Permit (WP) holders
  • Employment agencies authorised to transact on behalf of the employer

Note: You must also have a valid Work Permit Online (WPOL) account.

What do I need before I use OFWAS?Show

You need the following information ready before logging in to OFWAS:

  • SingPass authorised for Work Permit Online (WPOL) account
  • Company CPF Submission Number (for employment agencies)
  • WP holder’s residential address
  • Email address
  • Contact number

Get helpShow

Please read the user manual if you are not sure how to use OFWAS.

For general enquiries, please contact MOM at:

Phone 6438 5122