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Employers' Orientation Programme

The Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP) is a three-hour programme that provides employers with a basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities when hiring an FDW.

Who is required to attend

i)  A first-time employer of an FDW, unless he/she has been exempted, before he/she submits the Work Permit application; or

ii)  An employer who has submitted five Work Permit applications for FDWs within a 12-month period; or

iii)  An employer who has submitted four Work Permit applications for FDWs within a 12-month period, with the previous three FDWs each having been employed for less than three months.

Employers who meet criteria (ii) and (iii) may also have to attend an interview with MOM, before MOM processes the application.

Registration for Employers’ Orientation Programme

While employers may do the EOP in a classroom setting or online, employers are strongly encouraged to attend the Classroom EOP. The sharing of case studies and personal experiences by trainers, as well as interaction with fellow participants, would give new employers a better understanding of employing and managing their FDWs.

Employers must complete the EOP at least two working days before submitting the Work Permit application.

Employers and employment agencies must ensure that all the information submitted in the programme registration and Work Permit application forms are identical (e.g. identification numbers, name, date of birth) for easy matching of records.

Registration for the programme can be made at these MOM-stipulated training centres listed below:

A) Classroom Employers' Orientation Programme
Singapore Polytechnic Nation Employment Pte Ltd
Venue: Professional & Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy
Singapore Polytechnic
Room T1A12, Blk T1A
500 Dover Road
Singapore 139651
Tel:  6772-1288
Venue: 135 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 600135
Tel:  6388-8888
Language: English Language: English / Mandarin
Course Fee: $30.00 Course Fee: $28.00
Duration: 3 Hours Duration: 3 Hours
To register: Online Registration

-  Walk-in (first-come-first served basis)
To register: Walk-in
Operating Hours: 8.30 am - 8.30 pm
(Monday to Friday)

8.30 am - 12.30 pm
Operating Hours: 9.00 am - 9.00 pm
(Monday to Friday)
Classroom Session: First and third Saturday of the month
(9 am - 12 pm);


Second, fourth and fifth (if applicable) Friday of the month
(6 pm to 9 pm)
Classroom Session: Every Thursday
(6 pm to 9 pm)
B) Online Employers' Orientation Programme
With effect from 21st May 2007, employers who wish to register for the online programme are required to use their SingPass for login.
Language: English
Course Fee: $40.00
Contact No: 6772-1288

Exemption from Employers' Orientation Programme

Employers who have been advised by the MOM to attend the EOP because they have changed FDWs frequently are not eligible for exemption.

First-time employers can be exempted from attending the programme only if they meet the following conditions.

Scenario A:
The employer either

  1. suffers from chronic medical conditions; or
  2. is unable to walk (e.g. has a physical disability); or
  3. is 60 years old and above and suffers physical discomfort; 


i.    Sponsor / Sponsor’s spouse has attended the EOP on the employer's behalf,  or is / was an FDW employer; or

ii.    Representative of 21 years of age and above (family member) has attended the EOP on the employer's behalf. 

Scenario B:

The employer either:

  1. is expecting and the date of delivery is within a month's time from the date of exemption application; or
  2. has delivered a child one month or less from the date of exemption application:


The spouse has attended the programme on her behalf.

Applying for Exemption from Attending Employers’ Orientation Programme

To be granted exemption, employers must seek for exemption via online application. Application outcome will be notified immediately. Employers may ask another person to apply for exemption on their behalf.

Before proceeding with your application, please ensure the following information is ready :

  • SingPass ID;
  • Employer's personal particulars;
  • Sponsor's / Spouse's / Representative's personal particulars (Important: The identification number and name used in registering for the Programme must be identical to that cited in the application for exemption); and
  • Employment Agency's contact details (if applicable).


  • If the Spouse / Sponsor / Sponsor’s Spouse / Representative has attended the EOP on the employer’s behalf, please ensure at least two working days before submitting the exemption application.
  • If you have been granted exemption, you can proceed with your Work Permit application after notification of your successful exemption application.

      For employers of Foreign Domestic Workers who wish to apply for EOP exemption

Retention of Documents for MOM’s Audit

If you have been granted exemption, please retain following documents for three months for audit purposes.

Exemption Criteria Documents to be retained
a) Employer is suffering from chronic medical conditions.
  • Employer's NRIC/ Passport
  • Sponsor's/ Sponsor's spouse's/ Representative's NRIC/ Passport
  • Medical documents/ letter from doctor
  • Sponsor's/ Representative's Certificate of Attendance of programme (if applicable)
b) Employer is non-ambulant (eg. physical disability).
c) Employer is 60 years of age or more and suffers from physical discomfort
d) Employer is due to give birth within 1 month from date of exemption (Spouse has to attend EOP)
  • Employer's NRIC/ Passport
  • Spouse's NRIC/ Passport
  • Spouse's Certificate of Attendance of EOP
f) Employer's spouse or ex-spouse is or was an FDW Employer.
  • Employer's NRIC/ Passport
  • Spouse's/ Ex-Spouse's NRIC/Passport
  • Marriage/ Divorce / Death Certificate of Spouse

For queries on exemptions, please email or call (65) 6438 5122.

Operating hours:
8.30 am - 5.30 pm (Monday - Friday)
8.30 am - 1 pm (Saturday)

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