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Employment Pass

For electronic submission of your scanned documents to the Work Pass Division. Available 24 hours daily.
Make appointment for work passes and their dependants at MOM Services Centre (Hall C) / Employment Pass Services Centre.
Employment/S Pass Self-Assessment Tool
Get a preliminary indication of the likelihood of obtaining an Employment/S Pass.
Employment Pass Online (EP Online)
Submit and renew Employment Passes and S Passes through EP Online for faster processing, within seven working days in most cases. 
Application Status Check via Employment Pass Online (Non-login)
Check Employment Pass, S Pass, Dependant's Pass, Long Term Visit Pass or Training Employment Pass application status online.
Employment Pass/S Pass Validity Check via Employment Pass Online (Non-login)
Check Employment Pass, S Pass or related pass validity online (e.g. for prospective tenant).
Card Delivery Status Check via Employment Pass Online (Non-login)
Check Employment Pass, S Pass and their dependants' card delivery status online.
EP/ S Pass Application Form
Application form for Employment Pass/ S Pass applicants.
Request Form for Services Related to Employment Pass/S Pass Issuance
Request form to ask for services such as extension of card registration period for Employment Pass, S Pass and related passes; letter to facilitate re-entry into Singapore for pass holders who have lost their cards overseas.
Request Form for Short Term Visit Pass (STVP)
Request form for Short Term Visit Pass (STVP), applicable only to pass cancellation requests submitted via EP Online and no STVP has been issued.
Request Form for Updates of Company Particulars
Request form to update MOM on changes to company particulars such as name, correspondence address, telephone, fax, business activity and paid up capital
Request Form for Amendment of Personal Particulars
To amend personal particulars of Employment Pass/S Pass and related Pass applicants/holders
Authorisation Form
For card collection at Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC)
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