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S Pass - Renewal

Renewal of Pass

To qualify for renewal, S Pass holders will need to meet the existing S Pass criteria. S Passes with date of expiry within July 2013 to December 2013 will get a one-time renewal of up to one year based on pre-July 2013 S Pass qualifying criteria. Employers must also have sufficient local workforce in order to renew the S Passes.

Employers have up to 30 June 2014 to comply with the new Dependency Ratio Ceilings (DRCs) for their existing S Pass holders.

How to renew

Employers can use EP Online to see the list of pass holders, whose passes are expiring within six months. They can then proceed to submit the renewal application online.

For companies without EP Online accounts, renewal forms for passes expiring in three months will be mailed to the company which have to be completed and submitted by post.

Incomplete renewal applications or renewal applications that are not received by MOM at least two weeks before the expiry date will not be processed. The employing company may have to submit a new application for the pass holder instead.

Renew the pass through EP Online

Employers can use EP Online to renew the pass. 80% of online applications are processed within seven working days.

What you need to get ready before proceeding with the submission of the renewal application?

1. Details of the foreigner's travel document 1

2. Medical insurance details

3. Work Injury Compensation insurance details

4. A local delivery address and authorised contact person(s) for us to send an SMS or email alert with the card delivery details to the authorised contact person(s) before we deliver the S Pass card to the address provided.

5. Clear, correct and completed scanned copies in PDF file format of the following for our verification:

  • Medical examination form
  • Declaration form attached with the foreigner's In-Principle Approval letter
You may be asked to upload more or fewer documents during online issuance depending on what you have entered and that online submission of documents is only available where fingerprint and face-imaging registration are not required.

(1) The travel document must have a validity of at least seven months. If the travel document validity is less than or equal to the period we have granted for the S Pass, the pass will only be issued up to one month before the expiry date of the travel document.

Submission of renewal application form by post

  • Complete the renewal application form and send it to MOM Work Pass Division.
  • It will take at least five weeks to process a manual application.
  • Processing may take slightly longer when additional information is required from the various economic agencies. The outcome of the application will be sent to the employer.
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