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Workplace resilience against infectious diseases

Although all Safe Management Measures (SMM) for workplaces have been fully lifted, employers may decide what measures they'd like to keep.

Safe Management Measures for workplaces

Safe Management Measures (SMM) for workplaces have been fully lifted since 13 February 2023. This means you are no longer required to monitor or implement any SMMs.

As an employer:

  • You may decide what measures you would like to keep, based on business continuity or workplace health and safety reasons.
  • You are encouraged to communicate the rationale and details of any measures to your employees.

Vaccination-differentiated company policies

Please refer to the updated advisory on COVID-19 vaccination at the workplace for more information on vaccination-differentiated requirements for access to the workplace.

Testing before entering the workplace

You do not need to test your employees before they report to the workplace. If you would like to adopt a company policy to regularly test employees, you should bear the costs of such tests.


Most employees and visitors do not need to wear masks at workplaces. However, individuals should wear masks if they:

  • Handle food as part of their work
  • Visit, work or stay in healthcare and residential care settings, where there is close interaction with vulnerable individuals
  • Are feeling unwell, especially if they have acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms

As an employer, you may set your own mask-wearing policies based on your needs. Employees and visitors may also choose to continue wearing masks if they prefer to.