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Speech at Launch of Logistics Professional Conversion Programme and Appointment of SCALA's Board of Advisors

Mr Lim Swee Say, Minister for Manpower, Lifelong Learning Institute

Dr Robert Yap, Founding Chairman
Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA)

His Excellency Mr Thomas Kupfer
Ambassador of Switzerland to Singapore

Partners and Friends

  1. Welcome to the launch of PCP for the logistics industry. I am particularly excited at what SCALA has set out to achieve, as highlighted by Dr Robert Yap.
  2. First, to help bring the logistics industry forward as it enters the next phase of growth;
  3. And second, to help more Singaporeans build meaningful careers in the future world of logistics.

    Good job prospects in the Logistics industry
  4. Singapore is a leading global logistics hub, topping the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index.
  5. In 2015, logistics contributed almost 7% of Singapore’s GDP and provided employment for more than 200,000 people.
  6. Yet, many of us often do not see logistics for the dynamic industry that it has become. Moving all kinds of goods at high speed across the globe is not as simple as it might seem.
  7. For example, customers today want to know where their shipments are, in real time, at any time. The old ways of manually keeping track of storage and delivery is no longer viable.
  8. With technology and better integration across systems, enterprises and service providers, orders are expected to be fulfilled in even shorter timeframes, with fewer mistakes.
  9. To do well, logistics companies need to leverage technology and people to deliver everything cheaper, better and faster; every time and for everyone.

    Creating better opportunities for Singaporeans through the Logistics PCP
  10. All these translate into growing and improving career opportunities for PMETs in logistics.
  11. The Logistics Manpower Study commissioned in 2015 by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) identified several emerging roles in the industry.
  12. It ranges from Innovation and Process Improvement, to Vertical Specialists, Logistics Solutions, and Programme Management.
  13. To help those interested to take up careers in this industry, we are pleased to launch the Logistics Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) today.
  14. PMETs from other sectors can now receive help on job-matching and training to join the logistics industry, through a Place-and-Train model. They will attend structured training, including On-the-Job-Training (OJT), while working in their new jobs.
  15. This newly launched PCP will also include mentoring and coaching, where experienced practitioners from the industry will help to guide PMETs undergoing conversion to adapt to their new job roles.
  16. This is the first time such a feature has been included in any PCP.
  17. Besides converting from other sectors, this PCP will also help PMETs who are already working in the logistics industry to deepen their portable skills.
  18. This is so that they can continue to grow in their careers, not just in logistics industry but also logistics related jobs in other industries such as manufacturing.
  19. I am encouraged that for a start, about 10 employers have already come on-board this PCP program. They are here today at the career fair offering PCP positions. I thank them and I look forward to seeing more coming on board in future.

    SCALA to focus on Quality Training
  20. This Logistics PCP launch would not have been possible if not for the strong and proactive support of key industry leaders, many of you are here today, including Dr Robert Yap, the Founding Chairman of SCALA.
  21. As the appointed programme manager, SCALA will be the key driving force behind the quality and progress of this PCP.
  22. Besides training and upgrading the PCP trainees, SCALA will bring together a pool of highly experienced industry practitioners as PCP mentors, who will guide the PCP trainees through the career conversion.
  23. SCALA will also roll out the Logistics Innovation and Productivity Programme targeted at those holding middle management and supervisory positions, helping them to come up with innovation and productivity related proposals as we strive to become a more manpower lean industry.
  24. That’s not all. Moving forward, SCALA also plans to conduct masterclasses and workshops targeted at business owners and operational leaders.
  25. They will be able to learn from experts some of the best practices in areas such as automation, robotics, advanced technologies and data analytics as they transform their business for better growth.
  26. I am excited by this holistic vision of SCALA, from new job entrance to mid-career conversion, to supervisory positions, middle management, business of owners and so on.
  27. As your tripartite partners, you can count on us (government, unions and industry) to work closely with SCALA and through SCALA, to strengthen our Singaporean core, and build a globally competitive industry and workforce.
  28. In closing, I thank the SCALA Board of Advisors, including MOS Ser Luck, for taking on this meaningful challenge. I also congratulate SCALA, WDA and the logistics industry on reaching this major milestone today.
  29. Let’s strive to be more future ready, moving forward together.
  30. Thank you.