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Speech at "Weaving Family and Work" Job Fair and Carnival Organised by PA and WDA

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower , Senior Minister of State for National Development, Toa Payoh HDB Hub

Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Manpower and Health, and Advisor to the People’s Association Women’s Integration Network Council

Mr Goh Eng Ghee, Acting Chief Executive, Singapore Workforce Development Agency


Ladies and Gentlemen


  1. Good morning everyone. I am very pleased to join you today to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions that women have made to our society, both as talented individuals at the workplace and as dedicated, selfless caregivers in our families.
  2. It is not easy for women to balance work and family responsibilities, and we should give due credit and applaud those who have managed to do so. It is a constant balancing act between meeting demands at work and caring for their families. Some will have to put aside their careers to bring up their children or care for their loved ones. But they may wish to return to work at a later point, such as when their children are grown up.
  3. The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) recently introduced WorkPro. This is a new programme which will help women to better manage their work, family and personal commitments. Administered by our tripartite partners, the Singapore National Employers’ Federation (SNEF) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), WorkPro will help employers create more progressive and work-life friendly workplaces. This will make it easier for working women to strike a balance between work and family, as well as create more flexible jobs for women who want to return to work. I strongly encourage employers to tap on the various forms of support that WorkPro provides, so that their employees can benefit from progressive workplace practices.

    Help for Locals to Return to Work
  4. We have also received feedback that returning to work is not easy, especially for those who have not worked for some time. Some face challenges in finding a suitable job, or may be unaware of the jobs available on the market. Some feel that they do not have the right skills, or may be hesitant to try out jobs in a new industry.
  5. To help this group of jobseekers, WorkPro provides fully-funded job preparation workshops, where job seekers can learn more about available openings and their skill requirements, how to go about applying and interviewing for jobs, as well as communication skills. At the end of these workshops, jobseekers will be matched to suitable jobs offered by employers who have signed up for WorkPro. Once placed onto a job, back-to-work women can also look forward to on-the-job training to improve their skills further, and mentors to help them adjust to a new workplace. I urge those who are keen to return to work to sign up for these workshops through NTUC and SNEF.

    Companies who have come onboard WorkPro
  6. I am also happy to learn despite being launched only one week ago, WorkPro has already received strong interest from some 14 organisations which are looking to hire back-to-work locals. One such company is Cerebral Pte Ltd, a young and expanding company in the child enrichment sector. To fill various teaching and managerial positions, Cerebral is keen to tap on WorkPro to hire qualified teachers who want to return to work, train new teachers, and introduce work-life measures. I am heartened that companies like Cerebral Pte. Ltd are putting in much effort to improve their workplace and attract locals. These are good opportunities for women who are looking to return to work, and I hope that more will be able to do so.

    Appointment of WorkPro Ambassadors
  7. I am also very pleased to share that WDA has collaborated with the PA Women’s Integration Network (WIN) Council in the South West district to appoint 12 WorkPro ambassadors to encourage women to come back to work. Some of them are actually amongst you now in blue t-shirts. These volunteers will be reaching out to women who are looking to return to work and help them do so through WorkPro. I understand that this is a pilot run and should it be successful, this initiative will be rolled out to other districts as well.
  8. I am very happy to see our community playing an active role to support women who wish to return to work. By building on community networks and friendships, women can receive greater support and more information to help make the transition smoother. We hope that with this new community initiative, more women will be able to return to work and this good practice can then be extended to other districts.

  9. Finally, I would like to thank and congratulate WDA and PA’s Women’s Integration Network (WIN) for organising this very meaningful event to recognise the contributions of the women in Singapore. I hope that you will enjoy the many activities prepared for you today with your families; and for those who are considering returning to work, do check out the many booths at the job fair.
  10. Thank you all women for your outstanding contributions and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.